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Consulting Services

Training Program Development

Training programs for engineers, test technicians and quality personnel can be developed in a leak test method(s) for qualification or certification in accordance with SNT-TC-1A, MIL-STD 410E and CP-189. LTS' experienced instructors (ASNT Level III) are available to prepare and conduct the training or to assist your training department.

Test Surveillance - Vendor Evaluations

Vendor surveillance is the most effective quality function to assure full compliance with fabrication and testing specifications. Our trained and experienced personnel are available to monitor and evaluate vendor leak testing activities to assure conformance with test specifications and procedures.

Test Procedure Preparation

Development of leak test procedures from test specifications and for compliance to regulatory codes and standards can be difficult, especially if the tracer gas is not the operating fluid. Our staff will assist with the selection of proper test equipment and techniques to meet or exceed the test requirements.

Leak Test Program Development

Following a product design and test specification review or a leak test program evaluation, value engineering and cost analysis studies are performed to select the most cost effective test method and equipment. Once the leak test method is selected; the leak test procedures are prepared, test facilities designed, test equipment installed, personnel trained and qualification programs developed and implemented.

Expert Witness Representation

Licensed professional Level III personnel can provide legal testimony in court cases involving leaks or leak testing investigative testing can also be performed.

Leak Test Process Evaluations

An in-plant audit of the present leak testing program is performed to evaluate current testing practices. This audit is performed to a detailed checklist and encompasses all leak test methods being performed and products being tested. Upon completion of the audit, a summary report is provided. Your organization can qualify and certify in-house personnel.

Certification Program Development

Often regulatory code requirements and the need for optimum test effectiveness require a qualification and/or certification program to be established. This program should be tailored to each company's needs. Our Level III's can develop a written qualification procedure, written exams and a practical proficiency exam.