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Our NDT Training Program

Our NDT training programs can be customized to meet customer defined requirements.

Leak Testing Specialists, Inc. can tailor a nondestructive testing training program to meet your specific requirements. Our professional training instructors can help to elevate your personnel to the next qualification level for their certification credentials process.

LTS, Inc. has created leak testing training in multiple disciplines. These customized courses provide customers with a specific class, based on their product testing needs. In addition, we can generate a training course program that can then be used in-house for employees to follow as a written procedure.

Leak Testing Specialists has provided customized courses for manufacturers of special valves, fitting hardware subassemblies, vacuum process chamber design, nuclear power plant spent fuel cask leak testing and railroad tank cars.

In addition, we own multiple different models of helium mass spectrometer leak detectors that can made available for hands-on type training. This can greatly improve a technician’s level of familiarity with the operational controls, including proper equipment use and preventive maintenance of detectors.

Please consider this specific training offering that can be conducted at your site or at our facility. For information and discussion of customized classes, please contact us at: or call us at 407-737-6415.